Event to visit Koblenz Wastewater Treatment Plant

On 27 March 2012, there was an on site inspection at the Koblenz central Wastewater Treatment Plant. This event was held under the motto “Energy optimization in wastewater treatment plants” and was organized and implemented by the Koblenz regional group of the BWK (German Federation of Water and Wastewater Engineers) together with the Technical Chamber (Ingenieurkammer) of Rheinland-Pfalz and the DWA (German Association for Water and Wastewater).

2012 03 27 Bereichsveranstaltung Besichtigung Kläranlage Koblenz

The manager of the treatment plant, Mr. Keßelheim, made a presentation on the efforts made so far for the preparation and implementation of an energy self-sufficient operation. This included participating in the LIFE+ EU environmental programme that aims to restructure the entire process of sludge treatment without additional energy input and to reduce the resulting sludge amounts by at least 85%. There is also a wealth of other energy saving measures (use of hydroelectric power, waste heat recovery, improved digester insulation, optimization of electricity produced by CHP, use of photovoltaics, etc.), which were or will be implemented by the Municipal Drainage Board (Stadtentwässerung), a municipal undertaking of the City of Koblenz.

The event had a total of 35 participants (representatives of authorities and planning offices) and was rounded off with an expert and very interesting tour of the water treatment plant led by the deputy manager Ulrich Marquart.

Another event with BWK, DWA and the Technical Chamber of Rheinland-Pfalz is scheduled for late summer 2012 at the Linz-Unkel Wastewater Treatment Works, with visit to the first reference plant for the 2-stage compact digester.

Thomas Brockers
DWA Rundbrief Landesverband
Hessen/Rheinland Pfalz/Saarland Juni 2012