SusTreat - engery self-sufficient wastewater treatment

Using energy contained in wastewater and sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plants - a central step towards a self-sufficient wastewater treatment plant.

EU funded pilot project

The EU funds this pilot project within the framework of the "Life+"-Programme with more than 2 million Euro.

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Project description

Read about goals, technical details and the engery concept of the SusTreat Project


Construction progress

Chronological course of construction measures for photovoltaic plant, sewage sludge dryer and sewage sludge recycling.

More about the construction progress

Events Klärwerk Koblenz / SusTreat Projekt

2013 12 02 Pressekonferenz Margit Conrad 02

Press conference with State Minister Margit Conrad

2012 03 27 Bereichsveranstaltung Besichtigung Kläranlage Koblenz

Event to visit Koblenz Wastewater Treatment Plant

2011 08 26 Erfahrungsaustausch 2

35th exchange of knowledge of cities with a population between 30,000 and 200,000 inhabitants